A note from Amanda

Ta-Da!!! Welcome to the new Amanda Prowse website, when I first saw it I did star jumps on the kids trampoline while singing ‘truly scrumptious,’ much to the bemusement of my neighbours who were lunching in the garden – did that stop me? What do you think? I don’t expect you to do the same, but If you feel the need, then don’t let me stop you, it is most life affirming!

The biggest compliment I can receive is when a woman tells me that she ‘took every step with my characters, willing them to succeed.’ There is something quite amazing about the connection that is made between an author and the person that reads your stories.  I find it humbling, motivating and beautiful that I am connected to women all over the world who let their eyes dance across my words and allow my characters to enter their heads and hearts. It is an incredible privilege as well as a big responsibility.

A good book transcends language, faith, sexuality, nationality and colour. If a story is captivating, it will draw you in and hold you in its thrall. When you meet people who have had the same experience with the same story, you are aligned in a unique way.

My second novel What Have I Done? Is now out in paperback and continues to receive wonderful reviews for which I am incredibly grateful and my new book Clover’s Child has hit E-Book shelves and is out in hardback. It’s nerve-racking and exciting for me when a new book comes out. Kind of like waving your babies off to college (or prison – far more likely in my case!!) and hoping that you’ve brought something into the world that is worthy, interesting and captivating, but there is very little you can do, other than watch it drift out towards the horizon and waiting to see how its received.

Clover’s Child tells Dot’s story, the nan who we so loved in Poppy Day, but I wanted to write a novel that showed Dorothea 'Dot' while she was young, energised and setting out into adulthood full of hope and expectations. I wanted to show that she had a life before dementia, that she was a person just like you and I before the disease robbed her of her character and her sparkle!

In Poppy Day, Dot mentions her baby, her boy and a lover that bought joy to her mundane life she says, 'he shone to me!' Poppy wonders if it’s more of her Nan's ramblings and imaginings, but Clover's Child shows that it was real and was in fact the event that shaped her whole life… 

I am often asked where I find my inspiration and the truth is my inspiration and ideas come from the every day, the normal, the mundane, because just like my characters and their experiences, this is what life is – a journey, with pockets of sadness, bursts of joy and the odd crazy twist that can lead you to all sorts of unexpected places, if you have the courage to follow your heart!

I write stories for women about women. Women like you and I, women who if we met them, we would like to take for a coffee and get to know a bit. I write about Poppy, Kate, Dot, Pru and others... some of them have terrible secrets, some of them have to face great adversity, some pull through, some don’t, but each and every one of them, could be the woman you sit opposite on your journey. A woman just like you.

I invite you to join my characters and listen to their tales; I look forward to connecting with you. And if you have a trampoline in the garden go jump on it - I dare you!