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What Have I Done? by Amanda Prowse

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Will You Remember Me by Amanda Prowse

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Diary of my first book fair: day 1 #LBF15
15th Apr 2015
Submitted by: Amanda Prowse - HoZ author

This is it. London Book Fair arrival day. Whoop! Let me see those hands!

My list:

  • Wave goodbye to children – check
  • Catch crowded train to London. Sit in carriage where Amy chats to her friend Jane about her horrible boyfriend, Daniel, who quite frankly in my opinion needs a kick somewhere soft - check
  • Fight and elbow your way into a taxi and survive only with minimal bruising - check
  • Arrive at Olympia and stand wide-eyed at the vast array of exhibits that makes you feel so excited that you have to rush to the nearest facility and...

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Poppy Day by Amanda Prowse

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Amanda has always obsessively crafted short stories and scribbled notes for potential books, but it wasn’t until she was forty that she began writing full time. Read more...


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Poppy Day by Amanda Prowse

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Hot Chocolate and Teacakes
A short story by Amanda Prowse


Poppy kicked her leg back and forth, letting the sole of her shoe skim the wood block floor of Miss West’s classroom. The title of the essay they had to write was written in capital letters on the board, THE THINGS I LOVE MOST ABOUT MY DAD! Her cheeks felt hot and her head a bit swimmy. She clutched the fat pencil in her fingers and studied the back of her other hand that lay flat against the blank sheet of paper. A quick glance to her left confirmed her suspicions that she was falling way behind in the task as Harriet’s pencil danced across the lines with speed. Poppy squinted to try and read what her classmate had written. Her stomach flipped with its familiar sense of inadequacy as she scanned Harriet’s words. My daddy makes the best pancakes in the world and he carries me up the stairs if I fall asleep in the car… 

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